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Hello. My name is Katelyn Brown and I am professionally engaged in pottery for many years. Also, I teach in a studio. As I had had a lot of experience, I decided to share my knowledge with anyone who really wants it. That is why I started a blog devoted to the pottery where I was going not only to share my knowledge and experience but also to discuss different points in pottery and to review some specialized equipment, including pottery wheels.

Welcome into the exciting world of pottery and ceramics

Clay stuff was always a fascinating subject and it still remains nowadays. A lot of people use ceramic tableware even not wondering what and how it is made of. It should be noticed that earthenware can be used both as dishes for cooking and for table decorations or interior as a whole. I have been in pottery business for a long time and I am keen on sharing my experience with you, my dear readers.

I live in the USA and since my childhood, I have been interested in ceramics and pottery.

When I was at school I attended some clubs where I learned only the basics and studied to make the simplest earthenware. This hobby grew in something more and I became deeply involved in the world of pottery craft. Years passed, I had got a lot of experience and then decided to share all my knowledge. In my blog, I share experience, ideas and just good mood. I also want to share my review of the best pottery wheels.

History of my formation

So I have fallen in love with art ceramic tableware since my childhood. When my parents noticed my hobby they sent me to private pottery courses. But I didn’t stop at this stage. With getting much experience and knowledge in this area my interest in pottery craft was also growing. That’s why I went further; I finished pottery school. Thanks to it I learned a lot of details of clay modeling. A little bit later I entered the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. It let me get deep inside clay modeling. But despite my extensive experience and knowledge, I’m still improving my skills nowadays.

Being greatly involved in my hobby I faced a lot of difficulties: one of them was finding a good school where I could get a high level of education. The second problem was information. There is very little information concerning this subject, even online resources don’t provide it. You cannot find the information about the corresponding equipment. It became one of the reasons why I started the blog and founded my own studio.

Currently, I have a studio where I teach. I share my great experience with my students that makes me feel quite satisfied. There is a question – why have I chosen this business? I think it is a matter of taste and pottery appeared to be mine. Earthenware, especially hand-made, is not only decoration but also memory, even the whole history because each stuff is connected with definite events in my life.

Our mission

Studying pottery broadens the mind, enables self-realization and develops creative thinking. Having large experience I want to share it with young people. One of my goals is to find young talents and help them in their beginning. I’m greatly satisfied with it. As you can see from said above, I like working with children and young people, helping and developing them. And of course, I am always glad to make people happy.