51 Amazing Things to Make Out of Clay (Fun Project Ideas)

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Amazing Things to Make Out of Clay

Have you ever found yourself sitting in front of a table full of clay with no idea where to start or what to make?

All your tools are laid out before you, but that inspiration you’re looking for just doesn’t seem to be anywhere.

If you’ve found yourself stuck on what to create, we’ve put together a list of 51 amazing projects to make out of clay. These fun project ideas are plenty to jump start your creativity and get those juices flowing. After all, making things out of clay should be about expressing yourself. Let your imagination run wild!

Ready for some inspiration? Keep on reading to spark your interest and make something creative out of clay.

51 Amazing Things to Make Out of Clay

There might be too many great project ideas on this list to try in just an afternoon, but that shouldn’t stop you! Have fun with the clay craft ideas below, even if it takes you a few weekends.

fun with clay projects

Functional Air Dry Clay Projects

These beautiful projects do serve a purpose in their own right, but there’s nothing saying they have to be part of your daily routine.

Stamped clay bowls

These stamped clay bowls use stamp patterns for decoration and can be used for a variety of things.

making clay bowl

Stamped clay coasters

Coasters can be as decorative or as plain as you’d like them. With this simple square pattern for stamped clay coasters, the possibilities are endless. Plus, you can paint the stamped clay coasters afterwards to suit your own home decor.

DIY rainbow crayon holder

Crayons in cardboard boxes are so 2000s. Check out this vibrant DIY project to brighten up your kid’s art station. It’s a DIY rainbow crayon holder unlike any other.

DIY incense holders

Sure, you can customize the incense you burn in your home, but is your incense holder customized to you, too? These simple DIY incense holders will get you started on the right track.

Air dry clay bowls

holding clay bowl

If you don’t have a pottery wheel at home but still want to create a bowl, these air dry clay bowls are just the ticket. Once they’re dry, you can certainly customize them any way you like. They’re even great for holiday dinners or family get-togethers.

Cheese knife handles

There are some things we might take for granted, but you don’t have to settle for the store bought handles on your cutlery. These cheese knife handles might be just the inspiration you need to personalize your forks, knives, and spoons.

Geometric colored pencil holder

Plastic cups have nothing on this geometric colored pencil holder, which takes the shape of a geometric stone to hold your favorite utensils.

pencil holder clay


The kitchen is a great place to express yourself. Spice up your kitchen with these air dry clay trivets, which include a faux granite look for that extra touch of sophistication.

Faux leather bookmark

Books allow us to jet off to different worlds and times. If you’re looking for a fun way to get back to where you left off, check out these air dry clay faux leather bookmarks. You can also use the faux leather technique to create all kinds of air dry clay projects.

Clothing pins

There’s a clothing pin for every seamstress in your life. Well, you may have to make it first, but with such a small canvas, there’s plenty of creativity to be expressed. This DIY clay project can be made using stamped clay as well.

Pencil toppers

pencil clay toppers

A lot of us may not use pencils as much as we used to, but there’s nothing that says you can’t personalize those too. This air dry clay pencil topper features a particularly well-known cartoon figure, but you can create whatever object you like.


These magnets don’t have to be stuck on your fridge. They can be placed on a board at work or wherever else you can place a magnet. All you need is a magnet base and a dash of creativity to get the job done.

Air plants

Planters are one thing to create, but hanging plants in the air within an air dry clay pot are another. If you’d like to try your hand at these air plants, check out the design and find your own inspiration. You don’t even have to use real plants if you prefer the less needy kind.


Some people might consider them a jewelry accessory, but barrettes are incredibly functional. These designs showcase your personality and give your look that extra bit of flair.

These are just a few of the things around you that can be customized. What else in your life could use a bit of clay’s magic touch?

Food Air Dry Clay Ideas

food air clay projects

Creating food out of clay might seem counterproductive since you can’t eat it. But who doesn’t love a mini cupcake keychain to remind them of the sweet things in life?


cupcake clay project

It might take flour, sugar, and a few eggs to make a batch of cupcakes, but with this brilliant design, your favorite flavor can come to life in just a few minutes.

Mini foods

mini fruit clay

There’s something about making an item miniature that just adds a cuteness factor. If you’re looking to add a charm to your keychain or just want a little figurine to adorn your desk, check out these mini food ideas.

Cake topper

Cake decorating is a discipline all its own. Spice up your birthday cakes with an air dry clay cake topper that could double as a gift as well.

Tiny food

mini meal clay

If you couldn’t get enough of the miniature food menu above, here are a few more ideas to get your creative stomach rumbling.

Jar lids

Want to make your cookie jar lid look as good as what’s inside? These air dry clay jar lid designs are really made from clay, so don’t even think about taking a bite.

Clay orange cane

Working with clay canes can be a great way to start with clay if you’re a beginner. This cute orange cane design just needs a few apple slices and bananas made of air dry clay to make up a healthy snack.

Vibrant colors are often a great medium for clay food. Some of these designs even look good enough to eat!


jewelry air clay projects

Many people create their own jewelry from clay. Here are a few designs we think you should check out.

Clay egg carton

Regular egg cartons can be used for a number of different things, but with this clay egg carton, your jewelry will be safe and sound. Keep it white to show off your earrings and rings or paint the clay however you like.

Geometric earrings

Intricate earrings are great for large parties, but sometimes you just want a basic set. These geometric earrings are easy to make using air dry clay and provide the perfect surface for a custom paint job.

Clay pendant necklace diffuser

clay pendant

Clay pendants can express your personality and interests. With these particular air dry clay pendants, however, you can also add your favorite essential oil(s).

Wine glass charms

Charms aren’t just for bracelets. Personalize your wine glasses at home or an event with these clay charms.

Marble ring stands

There are plenty of ways to store your rings, but who wants a boring old jewelry holder? If you’re looking for a decorative piece that will complement your favorite ring, check out these clay marble ring stands.

Bracelet charms

Miniature charms that represent our personality are easily made out of clay.

Clay beads

clay beads

Have you ever been to the craft store and just weren’t able to find beads that matched your idea for a project? Using air dry clay, you can create those beads yourself.

Bright tipped faux antler

We included a marble ring stand template in this list, but you should also check out this bright tipped faux antler ring holder if you’re wanting something a bit more personal to hold your rings.

If you need the perfect accessory to complete your outfit, think about what type of earrings, bracelets, or necklaces you could make with clay. It’s a much cheaper alternative.

Figurines Using Air Dry Clay

cute animals clay projects

Clay allows us to create from our minds, but also replicate what we see in nature. If you’re a fan of the animal kingdom, these patterns below will have you wild for working with clay.

Animal heads

clay animal heads

Hunters commission mounts to be placed on their walls, but you can create the same thing with clay. These clay animal heads can be as big or as little as you’d like them to be.


Corgis might be the center of this particular Instagram post, but there are many options to choose from when it comes to making figurines out of clay, including the dog breeds you own.

Clay animals

kids making clay projects

These animal patterns are a great way to teach young kids. Just make sure you always supervise them as you teach, as little animals can become a big problem if they’re ingested.

Animal wildlife

Even more possibilities for animals can be found in this video tutorial. Whether you choose to replicate the animals within or give them a bit of your own style, there’s plenty of inspiration to work with.

Steampunk spiders

For those of you that have moved on from the basics, this idea for steampunk spiders could be the challenge you’re looking for. Steampunk is a great way to accessorize traditional figurines to make them your own using air dry clay.

You can also create animal figurines from clay by using pictures found on the internet. Print out your favorite one and see if you can replicate the animal featured within.


vase clay projects

Clay decorations are an inexpensive alternative to giving your house a modern touch.

Moon phase wall mobile

This simple moon phase wall mobile is an easy way to accent a wall in your home.

Clay knobs

clay drawer knobs

Watch a home renovating TV show and you’ll soon see how much you could save by creating your own custom clay knobs. You could even sell custom clay knobs as a side business.

Marbled clay clock

A slab of marble clay takes on new life with this clock pattern.

Photo holder

clay photo frame

Wooden and plastic frames are just so old-school. Create your own style of picture frame to set off your favorite memory.

Star jar candle holders

The subtle candlelight glow that comes from these star jar candle holders will surely set the mood. They’re made using air dry clay.

Mini planters

Plant your favorite small succulents with these easy mini planters. It’s a great way to teach your kids about gardening on a small scale.

Soap dish

Now you’ll have a personalized place to lay your soap. This clay soap dish can be customized to your liking.

clay soap dish

Clay crystals

It’s hard to tell these air dry clay crystals aren’t the real thing. You could even take crafts like this and create your own jewelry with your kids. After following this tutorial, you could also bed the crystal crafts in pots and use them to decorate your home.

Clay canes

Canes themselves aren’t necessarily decorative, but after creating one of your own, you can certainly cut out plenty of shapes to decorate vases, plates, or whatever else you can think of.

Clay doll

Creating dolls from clay can be a tricky art form, but it is possible.

What else could you make to spruce up your home decor?


aligning clay projects

The following clay crafts are just a few odds and ends that you can create out of air dry clay. Some are a great idea for special occasions. Follow the step by step instructions to create these DIY clay crafts to decorate your house.

Christmas tree

These Christmas tree ornaments will make the real thing sparkle and shine. They also make great Christmas presents too!

clay christmas tree

Nature ornaments

Preserving your favorite plants is easy with this template.

Fantasy dragon eggs

For the dragon lover in your life, this is a perfect project for air dry clay.

clay eggs in basket


You may not want to put these little guys out in the elements after you’re finished. They’re just too cute!

Dinosaur fossils

Here’s an educational (and fun) way to teach your kids about fossils using different shapes. These DIY clay craft fossils can also be buried in pots of dirt as a tutorial on archeology.

Tic-tac-toe game

clay tic tac toe

Boring old Xs and Os are replaced with whatever pieces you and your kids can dream up in this game that seems pretty simple. Crafts like this one can be given as Christmas gifts as well.

Garden markers

These reusable markers make it easy to map out your garden.

Leaf clay dish

Bring an element of nature inside with this one-of-a-kind leaf dish.

leaf designed clay

There might be 51 great projects on this list, but the possibilities of what you can create with clay are endless.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Clay Project

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding clay projects.

What types of clay can I use?

medeling clay

Air dry clay is one of the most popular types of clay to use. There are many things you can make with air dry clay, also known as modeling clay, including the ideas we’ve listed above. Air dry clay works well, especially with kids, since you don’t need to bake it.

Alternatively, you can swap air dry clay for polymer clay. Polymer clay acts like modeling clay, but must be baked to set.

If you’re working with kids, a non-toxic clay is best to use for clay craft pieces.

What do I need to work with clay?

Besides the clay itself, you’ll also need a few other supplies. Many craft projects will list supplies before the craft tutorial. These include a crafting table, clay utensils to make patterns, stamps, paper clips, and even essential oils. For an easy tutorial, you should only need your hands and your imagination.

How should I finish my air dry clay pieces?

drying clay in the sun

Sealing your air dry clay ideas doesn’t take much. Sometimes you can leave the air dry clay alone to simply dry. Other times you may want to use acrylic paint to seal the air dry clay, or you might need to bake the polymer clay in a kiln. Many DIY project guides will suggest how to seal the work in step by step instructions. Whatever clay items you create, it’s best to seal the clay to help it last longer.

Wrap Up

We hope you’ve found this article on 51 amazing things to make in clay useful in jumpstarting your creative spirit. There are plenty of ideas out there that can inspire you to create your own individual projects to share with friends and family members. All it takes is a pair of hands, a bit of clay, and the passion to create.