10 Best Aprons for Pottery & Ceramics 

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Best Aprons For Pottery

Purchasing a pottery apron might not seem like the hardest thing to do when it comes to pottery. But when you’re sitting in the middle of a messy session and still need to keep your clothes clean, a good apron can be invaluable. 

If you’re not sure which apron you should invest in, you’ve come to the right place.

Our list of the 10 best aprons for pottery and ceramics will give you all the resources you need to make the best investment. Plus, you’ll learn about what types of aprons you can expect to see, and more importantly, which one you should buy based on your individual situation. 

Are you ready to pick out your next best pottery and ceramics apron? Let’s get started. 

Got no time to read? Here are our best picks and why we picked them.

Product Name Good For
Echo Ceramics Claypron Two secure pockets
Syntus 2-Pack Adjustable Water Resistant Apron Waterproof for durability
MORNITE Waterproof Art Apron Stain-resistant
Artist’s White Poly/Cotton Apron Three built-in pockets
Wear’m Denim Apron 100% cotton denim
Mignongirl Crossback Apron with Pockets 100% soft canvas
Artist’s Denim Pottery Apron Adjustable neck strap
Cityelf Crossback Pottery Apron with Pockets Split-leg, large bib design
CONDA 100% Cotton Canvas Pottery Apron Waterproof
Unisex Crossback Apron Quick-release neck strap

Best Apron for Pottery & Ceramics 

Here’s our list of the best pottery aprons. After all, just because you like to throw doesn’t mean you have to wear clay around all day. 

Echo Ceramics Claypron

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This Claypron from Echo Ceramics is specifically designed for potters and is our top pick. With a split up the front of the apron, you’re able to sit comfortably at a pottery wheel and still have coverage over your lap and legs. If you’re looking for an apron to use as you throw or even glaze, this claypron should be on your short list for sure. 

Besides being split, this apron also overlaps to provide more coverage to keep your clothes from getting dirty. It is made from 100% cotton with dual long neck straps. The straps can be tied however you like to provide the best fit possible. 

There are also two long waist straps to fit practically all waist sizes. The two secure side pockets keep your tools at hand without having to worry about them falling out. This one-size-fits-all apron measures approximately 48 inches long and can be purchased in blue, red, or olive green denim. 


  • Two secure pockets
  • Split leg design
  • 100% cotton 


  • One size may not fit all body types

Syntus 2-Pack Adjustable Water Resistant Apron

Syntus 2 Pack Adjustable Bib Apron Waterdrop Resistant with 2 Pockets Cooking Kitchen Aprons for Women Men Chef, Black

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Having one apron helps a lot as you work with clay, but having two is even better. This is especially true for the Syntus 2-Pack Adjustable Water Resistant Aprons we chose for this list. 

Unisex in design, these waterproof aprons are available in a variety of colors. You can also choose to purchase them in cotton, polyester, or a polyester blend. The aprons are machine washable and provide wide coverage, even as they shed water to keep it off you and your clothing.  

The adjustable neck strap on this apron features a buckle, which can be used to make the neck strap tighter or looser. There are two large pockets at about waist height. The apron itself features long waist ties and a main area measuring 20.5 inches by 26.5 inches. Ventilated fabric also keeps this apron cool as you work.


  • Waterproof for durability
  • Ventilated
  • Machine washable 


  • Large pockets may not be placed in the most useful spot on the apron 

MORNITE Waterproof Art Apron

MORNITE Art Aprons for Painting Pottery Ceramics, Mens Women Kitchen Cooking Aprons Waterproof Green

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Waterproof aprons are not all made the same. The MORNITE Waterproof Art Apron is not only waterproof, it’s stain-resistant as well as machine washable. 

Made from 70% microfiber and 30% polyester, these unisex MORNITE aprons are available in green, black, gray, and purple. They measure 34 inches long by 26 inches wide, with 30 inch long adjustable waist ties. Three snaps on the neck strap provide adjustability so you can fine-tune the apron’s fit. 

A sewn-in pouch at about waist height features two large, deep pockets, as well as a third outer pocket. This apron is made from quality materials and provides plenty of versatility to help you in your clay endeavors. 


  • Machine washable
  • Stain-resistant
  • Triple adjustable neck strap positions 


  • Lacks split leg functionality

Artist’s White Poly/Cotton Apron

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Sometimes a basic apron is all you need to keep clay and water off your clothes. The Artist’s White Poly/Cotton Apron may not have all the bells as whistles other aprons do, but that doesn’t mean it can’t provide you value as you throw or model clay. 

This apron features an adjustable neck strap. The apron itself measures 26 inches by 26 inches and ties behind your back or goes around your waist to tie in front if you so desire. Machine washable and made from poly/cotton twill, this apron also includes three pockets for storing pottery tools, cell phones, and anything else you might need to keep at hand. 


  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Machine washable
  • Three built-in pockets  


  • Basic design 

Wear’m Denim Apron

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For you denim lovers, this Wear’m Denim Apron is just the ticket to shield you from anything you don’t want on your clothes. Dark blue in color, this 100% cotton denim durable apron is made right here in the United States of America. 

Featuring a tie closure at the waist, this apron is available in both 19 inches by 28 inches or 29 inches by 32 inches. The neck loop is fixed. There are also two front pockets big enough to hold quite a few tools. 

This apron should be hand washed in cold water only.


  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • 100% cotton denim
  • Made in USA 


  • Fixed neck loop 
  • Hand wash only 

Mignongirl Crossback Apron with Pockets

Crossback Apron with Pockets x2,Split Apron with Adjustable Straps,M-XXL (Beige)

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Aprons that feature both crossback neck straps and a split leg design are favorites among most potters. This Crossback Apron with Pockets is no exception and is actually pretty affordable given its desirable features. 

As we mentioned, this apron features a crossback design that spreads the weight of the apron itself across your shoulders, rather than just over the back of your neck. The apron is also split across the waist to provide overlapping coverage when sitting down. If you plan on throwing on the pottery wheel for a few hours, this split leg apron will soon become your new friend. 

This apron features two large pockets on the right-hand side of the waist area. These pockets are reinforced with extra stitching in case you load them up with tools and/or your cell phone. This apron is available in beige, black, gray, and red, and is made from 100% soft canvas material. 

Sized medium (M) through extra-extra large (XXL), this unisex apron should only be hand washed. The high-quality leather straps are attached to quick-release hardware buckle fasteners that make taking this apron off a cinch. 

Speaking of which, there are also extra wide fabric ties to cinch this apron securely around your waist. No more having to worry that the apron will fall forward and catch in your pottery wheel as it spins. 


  • Crossback design 
  • 100% soft canvas
  • Available in M through XXL 


  • Hand wash only 

Artist’s Denim Pottery Apron

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Durable denim aprons are a lot like jeans in that they can take a lot of abuse. This Artist’s Denim Apron we’ve included on our list is no exception, and that’s one of the many reasons it’s popular among potters and other artists. 

The heavy-duty denim of this apron might not be technically classified as waterproof, but it will repel a few drops here and there. The heavy-duty apron itself measures 25 inches by 35 inches and features two pockets at the waist for tools. 

This apron also features tie-back closure straps, as well as an adjustable neck strap. Simply adjust the length of the strap to your liking via the buckle. You can also knot it to further reduce the neck opening. 


  • Heavy-duty durable denim material
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • 25 inches by 35 inches  


  • Low coverage over top of chest 

Cityelf Crossback Pottery Apron with Pockets

Cross Back Apron with Pockets | Cotton Aprons for Women and Men | No Tie Apron for Baking Painting Gardening Cleaning

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This all-purpose Crossback Apron with Pockets from Cityelf may not look like it could be useful for a potter at first glance, but there are quite a few desirable characteristics within this apron’s design. Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors to suit your personal preference. 

Cityelf’s unisex apron is made from 100% cotton and measures 33.5 inches by 51 inches. It’s one of the longest aprons on our list. Even more important, it also features a front split that allows for more coverage over your lap and legs as you throw on the wheel, for example. 

Large pockets on each hip provide ample room for carrying along tools. The tie closure in the back accommodates the majority of body sizes. Plus, the wide shoulder straps and high bib style provide even more coverage. This apron is machine washable as well. 


  • 33.5 inches by 51 inches
  • Machine washable
  • Split-leg, large bib design  


  • Not waterproof 

CONDA 100% Cotton Canvas Pottery Apron

CONDA 100% Cotton Canvas Professional Bib Apron With 3 Pockets for Women Men Adults,Waterproof,Natural 31inch By 27inch

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If you’re a fan of the bib apron style, you might also want to check out the CONDA 100% Cotton Canvas Apron on our list. This particular apron is made from 100% cotton but is waterproof at the same time. 

Made for both men and women, this apron measures 31 inches by 27 inches. Long waist ties are complemented by a sturdy neck strap that keeps the apron right where you want it. There are three pockets sewn into this apron, two of which are at each hip. The third pocket sits around the belly, providing quick access to tools and/or a cell phone. 

Though this cotton apron is waterproof, you should only wash it by hand. It should also not be put in the dryer, but rather hung up to air dry. 


  • Bib style provides more coverage 
  • Three pockets total
  • Waterproof  


  • Neck strap is not adjustable 

Unisex Crossback Apron

Chef Apron-Cross Back Apron for Men Women with Adjustable Straps and Large Pockets,Canvas,M-XXL ,Black

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Last but not least, here’s another Unisex Crossback Apron to finish out our list. This particular apron is incredibly capable of working with you as you model and sculpt. 

This particular apron is available in sizes M-XXL and features four large tool pockets across the front. The pocket corners are even reinforced with metal rivets to provide long-lasting durability. Plus, the 100% cotton material should stand up to most messes. 

Available in black, beige, gray, or red, this apron features a cross back design with a quick release buckles. The cross back straps and waist bands are made from cotton as well, to provide a bit of flex. There’s even a set of loops on the front of this apron to hold your headphones’ line as you talk on the phone or listen to music. 

This apron measures 28.7 inches tall by 25.4 inches wide. 


  • Four pockets total
  • Quick-release neck strap
  • Double loops on chest for headphones to loop through  


  • Text

Types of Pottery Aprons 

There are a few different types of aprons for pottery and ceramics out there. Here are just a few of the most common types you’ll come across as you look for the best pottery apron.


dirt on apron

Most standard aprons are meant to cover your clothing to keep it clean from whatever you’re doing. That could be cooking, baking, working in the wood shop, or throwing pottery. These aprons feature a tie closure in the back, with straps on either side to wrap the apron around your body. 

A loop over the head typically rests the apron across your chest. Most loops are fixed, but some can be adjustable, depending on the apron. Most standard aprons are also wider to cover your waist and lap area. 

Crossback Neck Strap

Turns out looping an apron over your head and resting it on the back of your neck can really do a lot to tire out those muscles. That’s why the crossback neck strap apron is so popular. This particular design allows the weight of the apron (and anything in it) to hang across your shoulders, which arguably have more muscle to bear weight than your neck. 

Besides providing comfort to your neck, crossback aprons also feature a quick-release design that allows you to unsnap or unbuckle the straps. These straps not only make it easier to get out of the apron once you’re finished, but they provide resistance to keep the apron secured across your body as you work. 


Aprons are only as good as their waterproofing capabilities, especially when it comes to working with pottery. The best pottery and ceramic aprons are those that repel water and even stains, so that you can work through the muddiest of situations without getting your street clothes wet. 

Waterproof aprons also tend to last a bit longer as well, since they don’t allow moisture to be trapped within the fibers. Many waterproof aprons are also hand wash only, so keep this in mind as you shop. 

Split Leg Apron

starting pottery clay design

Split leg aprons are a potter’s best friend, especially when it comes to throwing. They’re a full coverage apron that features split legs.

Throwing on any pottery wheel, manual or electric, means straddling a bench and bending over a throwing head. That leaves your apron to either get in the way, or split to provide great coverage for your lap, knees, and legs. 

The best split leg aprons are also those that provide a bit more material around the slit to provide further coverage. The excess material typically rests on the inner thighs, keeping your clothes just as dry as the rest of you. 

What to look for in an Apron for Pottery & Ceramics 

Aprons are used for many things, but when it comes to pottery and ceramics, there are a few unique characteristics you’ll want to look for. Here’s a short list of the most common features you should pay attention to in your shopping for pottery aprons. 

Material Type

washed aprons hanging

Aprons, whether they’re intended for pottery or not, are made from a variety of materials. Each of these materials provide their own list of pros and cons, but there are a few common material types you’ll see as you shop for a pottery apron. 

For example, many of the aprons on our list are made from cotton, polyester, microfiber, denim, or canvas. Denim and canvas work well to repel water and provide a strong barrier. However, microfiber, polyester, and cotton aprons can feel better to the skin for some artists. 

Whichever material type you choose, just be sure to note the washing instructions. Many materials that are also waterproof will require hand washing only.  

Closure Type

The way an apron ties onto your body can be a big deal for some folks. This is especially true if you’re going to be working in the pottery studio for a few hours at a time. Aprons might not feel like much weight when you hold them, but when it’s your neck muscles holding the apron up, you can get tired quickly. 

That’s not to say traditional tie-back aprons are a bad investment. It just depends on what your situation is. Many potters who throw for long periods of time prefer crossback aprons. These types of aprons cross the adjustable straps over your back to spread the weight across your shoulders. Distributing the weight this way also helps to keep the apron in place, so you’re not having to adjust the position of it as you work. 


Aprons are an article of clothing and will be manufactured as such to include sizing. Most of the aprons we’ve included on this list are unisex and available in various sizes. They should all provide a comfortable fit and keep your clothes clean at the same time.

But whether you choose medium, large, or extra-extra large, you should also pay attention to the length and width of the apron as well. Aprons are meant to cover as much of your front as possible to keep your clothes underneath clean, so the more material you can get, the better. 


apron strap and pocket

The best pottery apron offers an element of versatility. There are a few different ways manufacturers can do this, including adding pockets, adjustable neck straps, and/or a split to provide more than enough coverage. 

For example, adjustable straps allow you to custom fit your apron to your body. Pockets hold whatever tools you want to have at hand, and split leg aprons are one of the best aprons to choose if you’re sitting at a pottery wheel. The additional coverage, which we’ll discuss further in detail below, sets a split-leg apron apart from the rest. 

Versatility can also come in the form of cleaning your apron. The best aprons are those you can throw in the washing machine. However, some aprons you’ll find are hand wash only, so keep this in mind as you search for your next pottery apron. 

Wrap Up 

We hope you’ve found this article on the best pottery and ceramic aprons useful in your search. Choosing the right apron can save you and your clothing from a mess. Invest in a quality apron and you can spend more time concentrating on your next piece in the pottery studio without worrying about the mess you make.