Pottery Wheels for Kids — Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Pottery Wheels For Kids

To spark your child’s interest in studying pottery, you can engage them by turning it into an exciting game. You can use a pottery wheel to employ your child’s energy and give them experience forming different spherical shapes out of clay. The first thing you have to do is purchase a pottery wheel, and to help you choose which one we made a list of the best pottery wheels for kids below. These wheels are for kids of all ages and are guaranteed to integrate fun and creativity into their daily activities.

Got no time to read? Here are our best picks and why we picked them.

Faber Castell Do Art Pottery Studio for Kids 

Faber-Castell Pottery Studio - Kids Pottery Wheel Kit for Ages 8+, Complete Pottery Wheel and Painting Kit for Beginners, 3 lbs of Sculpting Clay (Packaging May Vary) , Blue

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  • Comes with all of the tools that you need
  • Extra set of paints
  • Comes with 3 pounds of clay.

Cool Maker Pottery Studio

Cool Maker, Pottery Studio, Clay Pottery Wheel Craft Kit for Kids Aged 6 and Up (Edition May Vary)

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  • Lots of decorating options
  • Easy to use.
  • Additional kits available.

US Art Supply 7″ Sculpting Wheel

US Art Supply 7” Diameter Sculpting Wheel- Heavy Duty All Metal Construction & Turntable with Ball Bearings

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  • Versatile option.
  • Lightweight and simple design.
  • Easy to setup with rubber base.

National Geographic Pottery Wheel

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Kid’s Pottery Wheel – Complete Pottery Kit for Beginners, Electric Motor, 2 lbs. Air Dry Clay, Sculpting Clay Tools, Patented Integrated Arm, Apron & More, Great Craft Kit for Kids

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  • Comes with lots of different tools.
  • Supplemental materials are great for kids.
  • Lefty or right hand friendly.

Mindware Beginner Pottery Wheel

Pottery Wheel For Beginners

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  • Lots of painting options.
  • Comes with pedal.
  • Durable and strong.

The best part about all the products we included below is they all make a fantastic gift. A pottery wheel helps children learn how to design and form new objects, from toys to housewares. It can also teach them valuable creative skills like decoration that they can carry with them into adulthood in either a professional or purely fun capacity.

1. Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio for kids who want to study pottery

Faber-Castell Pottery Studio - Kids Pottery Wheel Kit for Ages 8+, Complete Pottery Wheel and Painting Kit for Beginners, 3 lbs of Sculpting Clay (Packaging May Vary) , Blue

View on Amazon

This pottery wheel is a set that comes with all the tools your kids will need to start forming their clay into objects. It is designed for children ages 8 and up. 

The kit has the following advantages:

  1. First, the child can study the basis of pottery.
  2. Second, the kit allows the children to explore the history of this trade.
  3. Third, modeling clay on a pottery wheel promotes skills like movement coordination, creativity, and fine motor skills.

These advantages make this set the perfect gift for any child over 8 years old.

What is included

It comes with illustrated instructions simple enough that a child can follow along to learn the basics of how to use a pottery wheel. In addition, the instructions include detailed descriptions of different clay modeling methods. The set also contains 3 pounds of modeling clay, which is synthetic and therefore non-toxic. Altogether, the kit is designed to allow children to use it right away instead of having to collect other supplies like clay themselves.

The full pottery wheel set includes:

  • clay (three pounds) and glaze, sponge, two brushes;
  • kit set that contains 6 instruments;
  • twelve pots of paints, table cover, and apron.

Illustrated instruction is also included.

There is one significant fact – the set has an age limit of 8+ as it contains small details. This set is not just a toy. The materials it contains were designed to be used for modeling clay. It is a real, miniature studio that children can create real crafts[1]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craft with, including figurines, toys, and tableware. 

The set of extra paints and tools makes your arts unique.

The material of this product is durable and lightweight. It also comes with a foot pedal. The shape of the wheel is designed to minimize splashing. The set also comes with an apron to protect the child and his clothes. 

This set is an amazing gift for any child. It will bring a lot of positive emotions and helps in overall development. Due to the wide range of extra tools, the child has a really great imagination and fields for its implementation.

  • All necessary tools, apron, and clay (included)
  • Reliability and high quality
  • Developing toy

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2. Cool Maker – Pottery Studio for those who enjoy pottery art

Cool Maker, Pottery Studio, Clay Pottery Wheel Craft Kit for Kids Aged 6 and Up (Edition May Vary)

View on Amazon

This set is a must-have for kids who want to learn how to make pottery. It includes a pottery wheel, pounds of clay, and a four-piece tool set (two for modeling and two coring tools). Other components are also added:

  • tool holder and spray;
  • ten pots with paint and two sleeves for hand protection;
  • instructions with illustrations for excellent ideas.
It should be noted that you can additionally widen the set buying the kits for various projects; clay and also clay refills. Batteries for pottery wheel are not included.

This awesome product is for kids of 6+. If you are looking for a set for a younger child, remember that this one contains small parts which could be dangerous for children under 6 years old. 


This kit is of great help for every child:

  • Development of creative talents – clay modeling makes the child reveal his imagination, invent new ideas, and decorate crafts with paints.
  • Overall development and basic skills in pottery – clay modeling activity is the training for a child due to which not only creative abilities are developed but a child’s personality. Memory training, getting new knowledge, improving fine motor, and movement coordination. Careful and fine work will help to develop hand coordination, patience, and perseverance of the child quickly. 
  • Learning the pottery – if your child gets interested in clay modeling, this kit is the perfect training before attending a school of pottery art. With Cool Maker, the child studies the basis of pottery, and his further training will be faster and more comfortable. 

Pottery schools[2]https://ofa.fas.harvard.edu/ceramics promote teamwork, which is essential for kids to learn. If the child learns to work in a team, it will be easy for him to have suitable work.

It goes without saying that every kid is an independent person. Making pottery encourages a child to let out his inner creativity and express his imagination. 

This product helps the kid not only develop himself but have fun in playing this game which is both interesting and useful. It also encourages the creative skills of children. The child will be able to fashion a unique piece of pottery with a unique design. Clay modeling has never been a more relaxing and fun activity. 

  • Easy to use
  • Reliability
  • Wide opportunities for modeling
  • All necessary things for modeling and decorating are included
  • No batteries
  • For greater opportunities you should buy extra tools

3. US Art Supply 7” Diameter Sculpting Wheel, multipurpose option for other art-works

US Art Supply 7” Diameter Sculpting Wheel- Heavy Duty All Metal Construction & Turntable with Ball Bearings

View on Amazon

This kit contains a pottery wheel which is 7 inches across. But you are not limited to clay modeling with this pottery wheel. People can use this wheel for the following activity which is a bit different from its direct usage. Let’s show it on the following examples:

  • making the cakes and other confectioneries look better;
  • flower arrangement;
  • creating sculptures;
  • decorating crafts and other art-works.

This product is an excellent choice for most art-works. It is attached to a rotating stand (comprised of a base and rotary table) made of metal, which makes it stronger and more long-lasting. The rotary table spins on ball bearings, which ensures a smooth and easy rotation. It holds up to 40 pounds.

Special Features

The operating table is designed with concentric circles on the top. These circles allow you to easily center your project. There is also a rim around the top of the table that increases the momentum of its spin. All of these factors let the work be very comfortable.

The base has a rubber base around the diameter preventing sliding. This type of base ensures the wheel will stay in place and not move. In this case, there is no need to drill holes in your work station. The wheel is 3 ¾ inches in height, making it easier for you to operate it.

Even while the wheel is strong and reliable, it is also lightweight at only 5 lbs. This is a perfect balance that doesn’t allow the base to slide and it keeps the construction at one place, but you can transport it easily at any location you need.

This kit is a universal one, as it can be used not for its direct purposes but as it was mentioned above in other spheres of people’s activity. Its multi-use capability can encourage other, non-pottery related skills, as well. The purpose of this set Is unique next to other, similar products. Keep in mind also that having a pottery wheel can help your child develop cognitive skills like an awareness of the scope of the world around them. 

This product is a great gift for any child and will instill positive emotions, like joy and accomplishment, as well as fun in his daily activities. It can also encourage his creativity.

  • Lightweight
  • Reliability and strength of design
  • Easy rotating
  • Versatility
  • Manual rotating
  • No reliable fixation and rollover protection

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4. National Geographic Kid’s Pottery Wheel – Complete Pottery Kit for Beginners

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Kid’s Pottery Wheel – Complete Pottery Kit for Beginners, Electric Motor, 2 lbs. Air Dry Clay, Sculpting Clay Tools, Patented Integrated Arm, Apron & More, Great Craft Kit for Kids

View on Amazon

This product is perfect for giving positive emotions to any child and inspiring them to participate in the art world. This motorized pottery wheel is extremely portable. You can take it everywhere with you. It allows your child to create a real creative world where he/she can implement all his/her imagination. This set encourages the expression of your child’s unique fantasies, how to think in terms of space, and taps into his creative potential.

Besides, it provides basic knowledge in pottery, history of clay modeling. This set can develop such traits as:

  • patience and perseverance;
  • fine motor of hands;
  • creative abilities;
  • imagination.

At the age of six plus, these features are significant for further kid’s development. In addition, this product is a fun toy that children can share. Thus, your child will learn how to share his ideas with others while working as a team to form a unique creation. 

What is included

Due to the set of tools included in this set, children can create their crafts of different shapes and make them unforgettable with the help of paints. The rest of the set that comes with this pottery wheel includes:

  • Centering tool, opening tool and shaping tool
  • Wheel rotates two ways
  • Multiple Speeds
  • Dynamic Arm
  • Left and Right Hand Friendly

As we mentioned above, making pottery helps your child stay organized, and is also a worthwhile activity. Thus, you try to give him\her the tendency for development and interest in art. Ceramics are still highly valued products because they are handmade. If your own child makes a ceramic, it will hold even more personal value to you. 

If you want your child to learn pottery art[3]https://art.asu.edu/degree-programs/ceramics, the given kit perfectly meets your needs. The tools included in this set will familiarize your child with pottery and set them on the path to becoming pottery masters.

This toy is very easy to use. To manage the rotation there included a foot pedal similar to an authentic pottery wheel. It is important that the wheel can operate both on batteries (not included) and from electricity (AC adapter not included).

  • Wide range of tools
  • Portability 
  • Developing toy
  • Some users report that it is too small

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5. MindWare Pottery Wheel For Beginners for those who just want to start

Pottery Wheel For Beginners

View on Amazon

This product is the perfect toy to inspire positive emotions, fun and creative skills in your child. Using this pottery wheel the child can have fun and entertainment; he/she will also have an unforgettable journey into an exciting world of pottery. Additionally, it can teach the child to absorb the main ideas we spoke of earlier in the article.

This product will help your kid to develop such skills as:

  • Fine motor skills – making pottery and using a pottery wheel is beautiful work that requires a lot of details. As such, children will exercise the muscles in their fingers and hands to increase their capacity for precise and delicate work. For children 7 years of age or older, this is an especially useful part of their development that is essential to learn. 
  • Creative skills – development of imagination and art talents of the child helps to reveal the real talent and improve spatial thinking. Pottery art promotes the kid’s development as a whole, improves his mental abilities and directs the energy in the necessary direction.
  • Funny activity – it is very important for any child to study as if to play. This form of learning attracts children, helps them to focus on the exciting activity and make them train their mental and physical abilities.

It’s a fascinating and exciting game for children of 7+ which helps to create unique clayware with the child’s imagination.

Design and Materials

This product is made of light and strong material providing a high level of quality and reliability.

It is lightweight, thus being portable. Because it is portable, you can take this pottery wheel set with you wherever you go, including to a friend’s house or school. Besides, the pottery wheel is totally safe.

Motor work stops in case of high pressure on the craft or the wheel head. It also promotes valuable pottery skills and ensures that the product will not overheat. 

To make your craft unique, the set comes with 12 pots of paints. Your child is free to use all these colors to create whatever he sees in his imagination. Pottery Wheel for kids also includes clay and AC Adapter, 12-pots of paints and brush, five-piece tool kit, illustrated instructions, and great ideas in it.

Purchasing a kit with as many pieces as this one not only introduces your child to many different art supplies, but it also encourages him to become more organized. Using all the components of the kit will help him become self-disciplined, patient, persistent, and dedicated. 

This toy will allow your child to learn how to organize without stressing out. At the same time, your child will develop an interest in art.

As we know, ceramic items carry intrinsic value because they are homemade[4]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pottery_of_ancient_Greece. They are also still extremely popular. A ceramic piece will be twice as more valuable to you if your child makes it. 

Despite the fact that the pottery is not so famous as it was before, it is a remarkable and exciting way of pastime and educational game for kids. When your child gives you something he made himself, he is showing you his love and gratitude. You also gain satisfaction from knowing that your child is engaged in an exciting, playful, safe activity.

This set is not just a plaything. This pottery wheel is a real tool that can develop your child’s interest in clay modeling and help them make real, custom-made crafts. 

  • Portability
  • High quality
  • Overheating motor protection
  • Safety
  • AC adapter only (110 V)

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Pottery Wheels for Kids 2021 — Buyer’s Guide

Age category

When you buy a toy for a child, you need to consider his age. There are two main factors. First, some toy sets come with small pieces that children under the age of 6 might put in their mouth and choke on. Secondly, the toy may appear to be very difficult, and the child will lose interest in it. We have chosen several options of pottery wheel for kids of 6 +. Pottery Wheel For kids sets will help the children to get knowledge of the basis of pottery. Art Studios, on the other hand, produces larger sets with a wider range of tools that are suited for older children. So many different companies mean more opportunities for children of all ages to get involved in the creation of art. Get familiarized with our offers and choose the best that fits your child.

Complete set

Different pottery wheel sets have different components suited for various age groups. We presented options from a single manually operated wheel to the Art Studios sets which contain more advanced tools. The latter allows your child to study and create pottery on a higher educational level. Some of these sets also come with paints. They can be used to master your craft providing it with unique style and design.

Moreover, some kits have wheels operating both on batteries and AC adapter. There is a foot pedal similar to authentic pottery wheels. You should make your choice taking into account skills which your child has already had and set goals. Choose the most suitable one provided by the site.

Pottery wheel material

The material of any craft is always of great importance. Toys for children must be made of quality materials that provide the lightweight of the whole construction being durable and reliable at the same time. All models offered on the site are of high quality and made of sturdy plastic that can’t be damaged. This material is UV and moisture resistant.

Moreover, materials shouldn’t be toxic as the child will spend a lot of time with this toy. The plastic is not toxic. Even clay included in the set of Art kits doesn’t contain any bacteria. That’s why all the models that we offer are entirely safe for your child. 

Availability of instructions and ideas for the creation

At very first sight, the child doesn’t have any idea about what pottery is. So the availability of detailed illustrated instructions is very important. Due to it the children will easily understand and learn the basis of pottery art. There are instructions in every offered model. Besides, some instructions contain several ideas for the first crafts. It will be of great help before independent projects which will be limited only by the child’s imagination. It is a very significant fact for instructions to be written in plain language and subsequent pictures. 

Wheel power

As the pottery wheel rotates, it should have a motor. The power of the engine is significant. There are various models that can operate on batteries or AC adapter. You should know the place where your child will deal with clay. Probably you won’t have any access to the socket. Then the toy must operate on batteries. If there is access to the socket, you’d better use an AC adapter. The models operating on batteries are more portable. While the models powered by socket are more powerful and work longer. There are universal models that can run both on batteries and from electricity. Choose the most suitable one for you taking into account if there is socket access or you need portability.

It should be noted that there is one model that should be rotated manually. So, it will be more suitable for decorating the ready-made clayware. This wheel suits not only clay modeling but also decorating confectionery and different sculptures. 

The number of wheel rotation

The number of rotations is a significant factor. We can explain it in the following way. Until the child learns this activity and understands the entire basis, the wheel shouldn’t rotate too fast. Otherwise, the workpiece will fall and the child won’t get the craft he wants. At the same time, there is another problem, if the wheel rotates too slow, clay won’t be of the necessary form. In some models, you can adjust the number of rotations. In the other sets, the wheel rotates with middle speed. We consider it a universal option with which the child can quickly and faster learn the pottery basis. Among the presented models there is the pottery wheel which has a button that can choose one of two rotating speeds.  

Strong pressure protection

You shouldn’t forget that the pottery wheel will be used by children who are not able to calculate pressure power on the workpiece or the entire wheel. That’s why strong pressure protection is significant because too strong pressure can cause motor damage. It will be the reason for not only the broken toy but also child injury. In all motorized models presented on the site, there is intense pressure protection which switches off the motor in case of overheating. It makes all introduced models absolutely safe and reliable. 

Availability of foot pedal

One of the most significant factors is the convenience of operating with the pottery wheel. As both hands are busy, how you can manage the rotations. There are models of two types – one is with pedals for managing rotations, and the other is three positioned buttons (two speeds). The pedal is more convenient and doesn’t require any additional settings. The button is more accessible, but while operating you cannot switch on or switch off rotation. It will cause some inconveniences. The pedal will allow switching the rotation off at any time. Due to this fact battery charge is saved. It should be stressed that models with pedals are more expensive but much more convenient at work. 


Operating with the pottery wheel is always connected with water because to make clay elastic you should water it. But you mustn’t get it dry beforehand. It means that pottery wheel is always wet during operation. It is important for the construction to be waterproof. Also, it is necessary to have water protection of the inside parts, such as power elements, motor, etc. If water gets on the motor, it will be damaged. If power elements become wet, they will discharge quickly and stop the rotating motor. That’s why water-resistance is very important. All models presented on the site are water protected, and the child can play without risks of damaging the wheel and getting an electric shock (in case if pottery wheel operates from electricity).

The use of pottery art 

Pottery is not only a hobby but also a benefit not only for physical but also for mental development. There are several significant factors:

  • Motor skills development for hands and movement coordination. Modeling in clay is very detailed work that requires much attention and accurate movements. Of course, it won’t be done immediately but as time passes the child will improve his movements and will be able to create real masterpieces. At the same time, the child’s skills movement coordination can become perfect.
  • Creative skills development. Modeling in clay is an original job. It requires the child’s revealing fantasy, inventing new forms, paints, and ideas. All these factors make a child think a lot, create and make something new and unique, and develop artistic and creative skills at the same time. It is of great importance during a lifetime as it helps not only to solve problems but also reach the goals in the most unpredictable places.
  • Teamwork. Pottery wheels are not an independent game at all. They can be played with friends; this fact allows children to work in a team, combine different ideas, find compromises, select the best options out of offered ones and use all these in life situations. Besides, teamwork lets a child develop quicker in a form of competition inventing new, more exciting ideas, trying to bring them into a life better than other children.
  • Patience and persistence. At the very beginning, a child doesn’t understand what he\she must do. Therefore, labor and persistence are necessary to do well. We know that kids need patience and persistence while modeling in clay. If a teacher is responsible and entertains children, they will want to get great results themselves due to which children can receive so important skills in their lives. We can proudly declare that toys like pottery wheels, that displayed on the site are a perfect combination of cool games and exciting teaching.

Difference between pottery wheels for children   

A product like the pottery wheel is an excellent and useful present for a child. To select a necessary model, it’s very important to know all their peculiarities and the main differences between them. All models presented on the site have some advantages: they are for different ages, have different kits of tools, and some other peculiarities that must be taken into account.    

First of all, you should bear in mind that for kids who haven’t any experience in working with pottery and clay, it is better to choose a simple model that can familiarize the child with modeling and prepare him for more detailed and profound learning of the pottery. Our site presents models for children of six plus. You can also find the products for beginners. We can also offer advanced kits and Art-studios for children who have some experience in this business. Such studios have a large variety of extra tools and paints for making their crafts perfect and unique. Enter the PotteryAndCraft.com, choose the most suitable model for your child, thus presenting your child with a lot of unforgettable emotions and also help him/her develop creative skills and talents.


Pottery art is a useful activity that allows creating really unique decorations. But for doing this, you should get basic knowledge which can be received only in childhood playing with the pottery wheel for kids. So, you can use various Art sets at different stages of learning.

For more detailed learning we offer the kit Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio. This model includes a wide variety of extra tools that enable the implementation of the most exciting ideas and projects. Moreover, this pottery wheel is equipped with an electric motor and foot pedal which makes it very similar to the authentic pottery wheel.

Besides, the site provides more simple sets for different age categories and also for children who have already got some experience in pottery art. Gradual education[5]https://hop.dartmouth.edu/online/ceramics of the child will give him\her a lot of positive emotions and even get him ready for the next stage of learning.

To make the choice as easy as possible, we present the comparison table of pottery wheels for kids which are given on the site. The table states the most important parameters of sets. Due to this table, you can easily and quickly compare the given options and make the right choice.

We strongly recommend the set Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio which can develop all necessary skills for further more serious learning of pottery. Besides, this kit is a good value for money. Help your child to discover his talents, develop necessary skills, and present him to the world full of fun.

47 thoughts on “Pottery Wheels for Kids — Reviews and Buyer’s Guide”

  1. I purchased the US Art Supply pottery wheel for my oldest son and he absolutely loves it! I will admit though, I did steal it while he was at school to help me frost a cake. Don’t worry, I cleaned it really well and covered it with saran wrap in order to keep my cake clean!

  2. I am really worried that my kid might get the wheel too wet and cause it to short out and potentially shock them. Are the wheels waterproof or do I really need to teach my kid how to better manage the wetness of the clay first?

    • You should encourage better use of clay and keeping it at a good wetness relative to what they are working on. However, there should be no risk to damaging or shock with any of these pottery wheels no matter the wetness.

  3. How can I help explain to my child that they cannot press too hard on the wheel in order to make what they are envisioning? She just always presses too hard and squishes everything. Is this something she will eventually figure out on her own?

    • Yes, pressing too hard on the clay while it is spinning on the pottery wheel is just something your child will learn as they progress with clay making. Just keep encouraging her to keep trying!

  4. My doctor recommended I try to get my son engaged through artwork, specifically pottery because his hand-eye coordination was lacking. It has been helping so much! I highly recommend getting your kids Faber-Castell Do Art Pottery Studio because it can help them develop mentally, physically, and creatively!

  5. A friend of mine purchased the Cool Maker Pottery Studio for her daughter but she said it wasn’t advanced enough for her seven years old and she needed to purchase a lot more tools to get her more engaged. Do you have any recommended toolsets to purchase alongside this set?

    • I would highly recommend checking out the tool selection on Amazon and also looking into purchasing a paint set for your child to continue to decorate their clay creations.

  6. The foot pedal addition on the Discovery kids motorized pottery wheel has helped my daughter with her coordination so much. At first, it took her a while to get the hand of managing the speed with her foot but now she’s like a pro.

  7. You are absolutely right in saying that pottery helps organize your child. It helps them develop physically and emotionally, as they try to put their ideas and feelings into their work.

  8. Do you have any suggestions on like little tables to purchase to put these pottery wheels on? All of my tables are too tall for my kids to sit and push the pedal while forming their pottery.

    • I do not have any specific recommendations for small tables but I do know you would be able to easily find one in a good price range online on Amazon or Walmart. You can also try placing a box with the foot pedal under the table to give them a little boost.

  9. Do you think any of these pottery wheels would be safe to use with a child who is six years old? Of course with supervision and help. I’m just an avid pottery maker and my daughter is really interested but she is definitely not ready to try and use more professional equipment.

    • Every child is different and if you believe your child is advanced enough, especially with supervision, then you most definitely can get them the pottery wheel.

  10. It’s so nice that the Faber-Castel Pottery Studio comes with paints too. I was about to purchase a different wheel that didn’t come with them but honestly, half the fun in making pottery is getting to paint it once it’s dry.

  11. I purchased the US Art Supply sculpting wheel and although it said it has a rubber bottom and shouldn’t slide it still seems too when my son uses it. Do you have any recommendation for keeping it from sliding? I would rather not have to buy another wheel for him.

    • If your son has gotten into the habit of leaning his arms on the wheel while using it that can be the cause of the sliding around. The wheel is not meant for pressure from the arms. If you can teach him not to do that it would keep the wheel from sliding. If not, you can always get command strips and adhere it to the table. Then, when you’re done with it, the stips can be easily removed.

  12. I have seen on the news that pottery wheels for kids are not really a good idea. There have been many manufacturing problems that caused parts to not work and potentially hurt the kids. Have any of these brands had problems like that in the past?

    • None of these pottery wheels have had any manufacturing or electrical problems to my knowledge. These wheels are held to a high production standard and are safe for children of all ages.

  13. The clay that I received with the Faber-Castel do art pottery wheel seems to be completely dried out and not want to absorb water at all whatsoever. Is there a fix to this? Can I just soak it in water?

    • My suggestion is to contact the company and see if they will replace the clay. You can also try placing the clay in a sealable bag or container and soaking it in water for a day or so.

  14. I purchased one of the Mindware pottery wheels for beginners for my classroom and I have one student use it for two days and rotate so each student gets a turn. All of my kids are now on their best behavior because they don’t want to lose their pottery privileges.

  15. Is the clay cutting cord in the discovery wheel actually sharp? I’ve never done pottery before and I don’t know if it actually needs to be sharp to cut wet clay :/

    • The clay cutting cord isn’t actually sharp. It is just a thin piece of wire to help create a smooth and even cut when dealing with a large block of clay.

  16. I like how the US Art Supply pottery wheel has the rings on it. It has helped me and my daughter figure out the centering of our pottery a lot better. Both of us being newbies to pottery means we’re both learning together.

  17. I am in love with the Faber-Castel pottery set. It came with everything my son needed in order to start making his cute little pots and I didn’t need to go hunting for anything to complete his needed tools. It’s also super easy to buy refills for the clay when they run out.

  18. Is there any way to make the Mindware pottery wheel battery operated? I don’t have any plugs close enough in my kid’s playroom to plug it in in their crafting area.

  19. My daughter is like the farthest from interested in art or fun craft projects until I bought her pottery wheel for kids best rated. She really only likes pottery and she makes the weirdest little creatures. We’ve created a little monster zoo in the playroom of all her creations.

      • My cool maker pottery set i just opened today put batteries in. We started a project after a few minutes it quit working. I took batteries out and put in again it started working again then quit. We got threw one project. It wont turn on at all. Any clues of how to fix this?

  20. In your review, you say that the MindWare wheel pottery wheel is over great quality but I actually just had to return it because it seemed so cheap and as if it would break after one use. Has manufacturing changed since you reviewed it or something?

    • I don’t believe that manufacturing has changed since my initial review. It may have just been an isolated incident and I recommend trying out another wheel in order to see if it might just be the wheel you purchased.

  21. It looks like the Cool maker pottery studio is marketed towards little girls more but I purchased it for my little boy and he loves it so much! I don’t know why everything seems to be very girly in the set.

  22. My son was having behavioral problems and instead of disciplining him I searched for the best kids pottery wheel decided to purchase him the MindWare wheel. He is so much happier now that he has his own little creative outlet to come to after school every day and his behavioral problems have almost disappeared!

  23. How do you know when your kid is advanced enough to get an electronic wheel? I don’t want to overwhelm my daughter but I think she might be interested enough to continue with this for a long time. Also, I’ve already found the best pottery wheel for kids which she’ll definitely like… Thanks to you!

    • If you daughter has stuck with pottery for a while and is still going with it, then I suggest getting her a more advanced electronic wheel with a foot pedal.

  24. Are the guides in the discovery kids pottery wheel actually helpful to younger kids? Does it have picture step by step guides to help them be more independent or is it a lot of reading?

    • The Discovery Kids Motorized Pottery Wheel guides are great for children but I do suggest still reading through it with them in order to ensure they understand how the wheel works and how clay is to be handled.

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