Can You Use Deep Pour Epoxy for a Top Coat? (EXPLAINED)

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Deep pour epoxy may be used for a top coat application in a pinch, though it is not highly recommended.

The truth is that deep pour epoxy, as a top coat, is not a great option because it’s specifically designed for thicker applications.

Deep pour epoxy takes several days longer than table top epoxy, which is far more often used for top coats in place of an actual epoxy that is for coating things.

The best option for top coats of epoxy resin on your projects is by far table top epoxy resin.

Table top resins typically cure completely within a single day to a day and a half whereas deep pour epoxy takes between five and seven days to fully cure.


Does Epoxy Work as a Clear Coat?

Additionally, there are top coat epoxy products that are specifically for thin to extra-thin clear coating applications.

One of the primary reasons these products are often skipped over for the leftover deep pour or table top epoxy on hand is that an additional purchase is often necessary.

If you purchase an epoxy resin kit, however, depending on the manufacturer, and the particular kit, a special top coat epoxy formula may be included.

So, if you don’t want to run out and buy top coat epoxy for a final clear coat once your original epoxy pour is hardening and curing, make sure that it comes with the kit you purchase. 

Alternatively, make a decision as to what sort of epoxy you will sit to the side and use for the top coat while still in the planning stage of your epoxy project.

Is a Top Coat of Epoxy Necessary?

If you are wondering whether or not you should add a top coat to something, consult a professional and do a bit of self-research online for additional insight and opinions.

Often a top coat is beneficial to add to surfaces like countertops, as a form of protection from dings and scratches.

Likewise, adding a thick layer of clear coat to cement floors, such as found in most garages, is helpful in a protective manner. 

On floors, a top coat of epoxy keeps them from getting scratched, dinged, and fading. It also makes floors, tables, and countertops easier to maintain, clean, and polish.

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The Takeaway Answer

You can indeed use deep pour epoxy for a top coat if you really need to, but it’s not the greatest choice. 

Table top or top coat epoxies are much better options for clear coating.