How Deep Can You Pour Table Top Epoxy? (EXPLAINED)

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thick river table

If you’re thinking of building a river table, knowing how deep your tabletop epoxy can pour is crucial (especially if you want to use the least amount of pours possible).

Here is what you need to know about how deep you can pour tabletop epoxy:

  • Common tabletop epoxy pours are often limited to just ¼ inch to ⅛ inch of depth at a time, until a maximum thickness of .5 inch to 1.5 inches deep is reached with multiple pours. 
  • Deep pour epoxy resins allow you to pour it out a bit thicker, at around ¼ inch to ½ inch of an inch deep per pour. 
  • Some Deep pour epoxy products even allow for a single pour of 1 to 2 inches thick/deep.
  • How Thick Can You Pour Deep Pour Table Top Epoxy?

The maximum finished thickness of deep pour table top epoxy caps at around a 2 inch depth.

Pouring more than 2 inches of epoxy is not recommended. 

In most cases, the final product doesn’t hold up (or age well) when the suggested thickness level is exceeded.

For some resin projects, like river tables, however, a single ¼ inch to ½ inch pour of table top epoxy may be added to the top to create a clear protective finish.

What is the Very Deepest You Can Pour Epoxy?

In some cases, various different types of epoxy resin can actually be poured up to 4 inches deep.

That’s why, depending on the sort of table top project you are working on, the best deep pour epoxy resin varies.

Make sure to check the label on any epoxy resin you are considering purchasing for a table top deep pour, it’s maximum recommend pouring depth should be clearly marked there.

carpenter working on epoxy river table

What Happens If I Pour Epoxy too Deep?

That said, if you do happen to end up with the wrong epoxy resin (one that ends up cracking, bubbling, and/or generally failing to finish nicely), you may be able to save the hard work rather than starting over from scratch.

Sometimes, when pours go wrong, or the product isn’t able to be poured as deep as you need, you can use a heat gun on the last layer you laid (to smooth things out as best as possible) and then do a few more pours with a better type of deep pour epoxy resin.

To finish off most table top epoxy projects, like river tables for example, an additional layer of protective clear coating is added which adds some height to the overall depth of the epoxy layers on the table top.

The Takeaway Answer

Most table top epoxy resin products pour up to depths of 0.5 inches to 2 inches, although some specialized epoxy resins may be poured up to depths of around 4 inches with little to no issues.

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