How Much Deep Pour Epoxy Do I Need? (EXPLAINED)

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The amount of deep pour epoxy needed for your projects may be calculated by measuring the total length of the area you wish to pour, as well as the width of the pour. 

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Multiply the length of the pour by the width of the pour to find the total amount of deep pour epoxy needed. 

If your epoxy project has varying widths throughout the length of the desired pour zone, measure all of the various width points along the length and then use the average width for your math.

Convert the total of your measurements into liters (or gallons if you prefer) and you have the closest approximate answer possible as to how much deep pour epoxy you need to successfully complete your epoxy project.

How Accurate Can You Estimate the Proper Amount of Epoxy Needed?

The exact amount of deep pour epoxy that you need may vary from product to product, depending on the ingredients and manufacturer.

For this reason, make sure to check the product label for the specifications and instructions from the manufacturer for the available information regarding how much area each liter or gallon of epoxy is needed.

Once you’ve chosen a specific product to use for your epoxy project and figure out how much deep pour epoxy you need, take into consideration a few of the main factors that may cause you to need more resin than your math suggest:

  • Lack of experience working with epoxy
  • Minor mistakes in mixing or pouring that result in wasted product
  • Spills or other major mistakes while preparing or pouring 
  • Taking the wrong measurements or doing the wrong math
  • Deciding to do a deeper or longer pour 
  • Underestimating how many epoxies you want to make

Also, it is vital to note that the amount of epoxy needed for deep pours, such as with river tables, for example, and the amount of epoxy needed for coating epoxies are not calculated the same way.

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Is The Amount of Deep Pour and Table Top Epoxies Needed the Same?

To find the approximate amount of epoxy needed for coating your epoxies (items encased or otherwise covered or modified with epoxy), first, decide how thick you will pour the epoxy (typically ⅛ inch to ¼ inch) in square feet.

One gallon of ready-to-use epoxy resin (epoxy you have already mixed) covers roughly 12 square feet at a thickness of ⅛ inch.

Again, this number is prone to be slightly different from brand to brand, and product to product, so don’t forget to check the label for related information.