How to Remove Bubbles From Epoxy Resin (EXPLAINED)

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Wondering how to remove bubbles from epoxy resin? You’ve come to the right place.

In this post we’ll explain how to get those bubbles out so you can continue with your project…

Let’s begin…

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How to Remove Bubbles From Epoxy Resin

Preparing epoxy by following the manufacturer’s recommended mixing instructions is simple; read the package label carefully, do a bit of additional research, and most importantly take your time and do your mixing carefully.

If you approach epoxy mixing as if it were a race, you are going to lose before you even start.

The smoothest move is a careful and calculated one, you aren’t competing with anyone – you simply need/want to keep bubbles from forming in your epoxy before you pour it.

Hastily prepared epoxy is bound to yield a large number of bubbles every time.

Taking your time, sticking to the epoxy maker’s mixing ratio/suggestions, and only adding ingredients you have carefully researched (in proper amounts) to the mix, is a great strategy for having no bubbles in your epoxy.

If bubbles appear during your pour, even after you’ve taken care to avoid them, don’t fret; you can still remove bubbles from epoxy that has been poured if you act quickly and accordingly.

What Tools to Use for Getting Bubbles Out of Epoxy?

Most bubbles are removed from epoxy with little effort using artist’s torches, propane torches, and other similar systems that can deliver enough heat.

The longer you work with epoxy, and the more types (and brands) of epoxy that you work with and experiment with, the easier avoiding bubbles while mixing your epoxy becomes.

Further, after you’ve done a few pours, and dealt with post-pour bubbles in your epoxy, your skill at getting the bubbles out of poured epoxy will increase drastically.

The first few times you mix epoxy, it is likely to seem much more complicated than it is simply due to it being new and different from other hobbies or art forms you practice.

But, as time goes on, if you work with epoxy regularly, you’ll rarely have bubbles to worry about removing from your pre-pour epoxy mixtures.

How Do You Get Bubbles Out of Epoxy Before Pouring?

The best way to get bubbles out of epoxy before pouring it is by avoiding creating bubbles/allowing bubbles to form in the first place.

In other words, it is much easier to properly mix epoxy so that there are no bubbles to get out of it before pouring it, to begin with.

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The Takeaway

Following instructions and using a careful hand while mixing and preparing your epoxy mixture is the number one way to avoid bubbles before pouring. 

You can use a straw, or similar type of tool, to poke or suck out any bubbles that show up before pouring your epoxy mix. 

Heatguns, artist torches, and propane torches also work to smooth out bubbles after pouring is finished.

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