8 Best Pottery Kilns for Beginners (Ceramic and Glass)

Best Pottery Kilns for Beginners

Owning a personal kiln can take the hassle out of having to find a place to fire your clay projects. At the same time, purchasing a kiln takes an investment of money and that alone can complicate the process. After all, you want to be sure you’re getting the best kiln possible for your money. … Read more

Best Kilns for Metal Clay – Top 3 PMC Kilns

best kiln for precious metal clay

If you’re looking to find a kiln that will fire your precious metal clay (PMC) projects, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a guide on the best kilns for metal clay, complete with everything you need to know to make an informed purchase. By the time you’re finished with this article, you’ll … Read more

Kiln wash recipe: All the alternatives you can use these days

Kiln Wash Recipe

Many potters don’t know that a kiln wash recipe can make a massive difference and is something mandatory to use if you want high-quality results. In general, this is a mixture that is applied to the kiln inside and the shelves to prevent flaking or other, similar issues. Flakes can ruin your pottery, so keep … Read more

Best Ceramic Kilns for Home Use — Reviews & Comparison

Today, we’re going to be talking about what ceramic kiln for home use I would suggest you buy as a beginner. Maybe you’re in the market for a brand new kiln, or maybe you don’t know anything about kilns and you just came here to see what things you might need to set up in … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Kiln? (FULLY EXPLAINED)

Have you ever wondered what it costs to operate a kiln? If you have, then keep reading. In this article, we will look at the operating cost of a kiln, the factors that impact how much kilns cost to run and how you can calculate the costs of each firing. Quick Answer – How Much … Read more

11 Types of Kilns for Ceramics and Pottery (Fully Explained)

You can classify kilns for pottery and ceramics in many different ways. The two most common are their heat source and airflow design, but the atmosphere they create and other factors can also come into play. This article looks at the most common types of kilns you are likely to encounter, discusses their benefits and … Read more

12 Different Types of Kiln Shelves (Fully Explained)

Kiln shelves, sometimes called batts, refractory tiles, or plates, are basic kiln furniture that provides you with a flat surface to sit various projects that can be fired at one time. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. Generally, kiln shelves are classified either by the materials that they are made … Read more

11 Reasons Why Kilns Are So Expensive

After researching the cost of kilns, you might be wondering why these machines are so expensive. After all, they seem like just a large oven to heat up your clay projects in order to bisque fire and glaze fire them. So how much does it cost to run a kiln and why are kilns so … Read more

Are Kilns Safe for Home Use? (32 Safety Tips You MUST Follow)

Are Kilns Safe for Home Use?

Traveling to a pottery studio and working on your clay pieces can be a lot of fun. But for some folks, having the ability to fire your own projects whenever you want is worth the effort. That’s why pottery kiln manufacturers sell kilns you can install in your home studio. If you’re considering purchasing a … Read more

Do You Need to Vent a Kiln? READ THIS FIRST

Do You Need to Vent a Kiln

Obtaining a pottery kiln can be a tough task, especially if you’re working off a budget. But are you aware of the safety factors involved in firing pottery? Specifically, does your kiln have a vent installed on it? Pottery vents are critical when it comes to firing a kiln within closed living spaces. Even if … Read more

Best Kiln for Jewelry Making

best kiln for jewelry making

Making your own jewelry can be an incredibly rewarding experience. But knowing which kiln to invest in can be a tricky decision, especially if you aren’t sure what to look for. After all, kilns can be a large investment.  If you’re looking for the best kiln for jewelry making, you’ve come to the right place. … Read more

9 Best Kilns for Fusing Glass 

Best Kilns for Fusing Glass

Working with glass can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You’re able to create a lot of different glass projects with various uses, made to your own design specifications.  Choosing the best kiln for fusing glass, however, can be a not-so-fun task to tackle.  That’s why we’ve written this guide. Within this article, you’ll learn more … Read more