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There is nothing more tranquil than sitting at a brand new wheel suited to your needs. With the whirling sounds echoing through the room and your fingers molding the shape of inspiration and clarity – this is what the right wheel can do for you.
Here at Pottery and Craft, I plan to share knowledge and guide you in all things arts, craft, and pottery-related to develop your skill. I am here to help you discover the perfect wheel and all the equipment to make your pottery craft flourish.

Pottery and Craft will provide honest and accurate opinions on best picks, buying guides, top reviews, and information guides. Keep up with market trends and discover innovative techniques and equipment while I provide feedback on its efficiency.  Experienced or new to the craft, my expertise will provide you with tools to enhance your skills and self-expression.

My mission is to be your go-to for pottery resources based on real personal experience and substantial knowledge of arts, crafts, and pottery. You will find value in this unique one of a kind journey through the world of ceramics.

“Where education meets creativity.”

~ Katelyn Brown 

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