What is the Deepest Pour Epoxy Resin? (EXPLAINED)

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Most epoxy resin pour is layers of between ⅛ inch and 2 inches, in order to cure properly, but the deepest pour epoxy resins may be layered up to 4 inches deep.

The truth is, with deep-pour epoxy resin, you can pour as deeply as the product will hold up to in combination with your skill level.

If you do nice and even deep pours with epoxy resin, as well as allow the epoxy to cure properly in between pours, of course, and handle any issues like bubbling or cracking that might arise during any part of the process, the deepest pour epoxy resin may be poured even deeper than 4 inches.

However, keep in mind that until you have at least intermediate-level experience with pouring deep pour epoxy resin, or are an expert, of course, you shouldn’t attempt pours deeper than 2 inches to 4 inches at a time.

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Is Pouring One Deep Pour Best?

It is better to do extra pours, and create additional layers over the course of a few days than it is to pour too deeply and end up with poor results.

Pouring even the deepest pour epoxy resin too deeply at one time, regardless of your skill level and amount of experience working with pouring epoxy, is guaranteed to end up with a cracked and blistery bubble-filled epoxy finish.

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What is the Best Way to Pour Deep Epoxy for Beginners?

For beginners, the proper way to do a good job pouring deep epoxy resin is in multiple layers of well under an inch at a time and waiting for it to harden before pouring me.

Repeating this entire process several times, until the overall desired depth is reached, is the safe way to get the results you want.

Avoid the number one mistake that newbies make when going for the deepest pour possible with their epoxy; not allowing enough time for the resin to cure in between pours.

Also be aware that, depending on the type of epoxy resin that you use for your project, you may or may not need to sand the top of the hardened epoxy resin before attempting another pour to increase the depth of the finished resin.

The Takeaway Answer

You can pour the deepest pour epoxy resin to depths of 2 inches to 4 inches at a time, though it is highly recommended to reach your desired pour depth by layering smaller pours of ⅛ inch to 1 inch at a time.