What Kind of Glue Can You Use on Ceramics? (EXPLAINED)

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Have you ever wanted to repair a broken piece of pottery, but weren’t sure what kind of glue to use? You’re not alone. Many people are perplexed by the question of what type of adhesive should be used on ceramics and other pottery items. Fortunately, there are several types of glue that will work well for mending or repairing your ceramic pieces.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of glue available and explain how they can be used effectively on pottery projects. So if you’re looking for an answer to the question “What kind of glue can I use on pottery?” read on!


hands repairing ceramic
hands repairing ceramic

Types of Glue You Can Use on Ceramics and Pottery

When looking for glue to use on pottery and ceramics, you have several options. Super glue, epoxy, and specialized ceramic glues are all suitable for repairing pottery.

Super glue is a great choice for small repairs as it forms strong bonds quickly and dries clear. Krazy Glue Home & Office Brush-On Glue is a popular option that works on many surfaces including ceramic.

Epoxy is another good option for pottery repair. It has a strong bond and can fill in voids or larger cracks in the pottery. Araldite Heavy Duty Epoxy Adhesive is one of the best epoxies available for ceramic repairs.

Finally, there are specialized ceramic glues that are designed specifically for repairing pottery. Loctite Super Glue Liquid is a rubber-infused gel super glue that can form powerful, precise and invisible bonds between porcelain pieces. E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive is also an excellent choice as it’s ready to use right out of the tube and creates strong bonds with ceramics and other materials.

No matter which type of glue you choose, make sure to read the instructions carefully before beginning your project so you get the best results possible!

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Ceramic Super Glue

Super Glue: An Easy Solution for Small Pottery Repairs

Super glue is an easy way to fix small pottery pieces. It forms strong bonds quickly and makes the piece look like new again. Plus, it dries clear so you can’t even tell that it has been fixed! So the next time you have a broken pottery piece, try using super glue for an easy fix.

Epoxy: The Best Choice for Larger Repairs

Epoxy is the best choice for bigger pottery repairs. It sticks really well and it can fill up any big gaps or cracks in the pottery. It works better than super glue for larger pieces because it forms a really strong bond that will last a long time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it showing on your pottery since it dries clear!

Specialized Ceramic Glues: Perfect for Precision Work

Specialized ceramic glues are perfect for repairing pottery because they form very strong and precise bonds. They can be used to fill in cracks or gaps, and make the piece look like new again! Plus, these glues dry clear so you can’t even tell that it was fixed. So if you need to make a precision repair on your pottery, use a specialized ceramic glue for the best results!

Read the Instructions Carefully for the Best Results

When you need to repair pottery, it is important to read the instructions carefully. This is because each type of glue has different steps and properties that need to be followed in order for it to work correctly and give you the best results.

For example, if you are using super glue, it needs time to dry so that it can make a strong bond between pieces. Or if you use epoxy, it will fill up bigger gaps or cracks in pottery better than super glue.

Reading the instructions means that you can learn how much glue should be used and what kind of surface works best with each type of adhesive. That way your repairs will look good and last longer!


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