How To Fire Clay Without A Kiln At Home

firing clay without a kiln

Clay projects are fun and easy to make for all ages. You can make sculptures, plates, cups, pendants, Christmas ornaments… anything you can imagine! Objects formed out of clay, though, traditionally get fired in a kiln to dry them out. The extreme amount of heat produced by a kiln makes your clay project sturdy and … Read more

Best Air Dry Clay (Complete Guide)


Finding the best air dry clay is not as easy as picking a particular brand or product and calling it a day. Different air dry clay products serve different purposes and are better suited for specific projects and goals. Air dry clay is a product with many different uses, and it is perfect for those … Read more

Pottery Wheels for Beginners — Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

potter working with top pottery wheel

When you’re looking for the best pottery wheel money can buy, you face a pretty big challenge. It’s important that you choose the right type of pottery wheel based on your level of experience (beginner, intermediate, or professional). Not only that, but you need to think about what kinds of projects you want to use … Read more

Pottery Wheels for Kids — Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Pottery Wheels For Kids

To spark your child’s interest in studying pottery, you can engage them by turning it into an exciting game. You can use a pottery wheel to employ your child’s energy and give them experience forming different spherical shapes out of clay. The first thing you have to do is purchase a pottery wheel, and to … Read more

How to Make Pottery: A Step by Step Guide for Newcomers

pottery making

Pottery has been around for thousands and thousands of years. In fact, the oldest known pottery vessel is over 18,000 years old! Since then, pottery has reached all parts of the world and has been used in societies new and old for food and drink purposes or artistic and creative expressions. Clay pottery making today … Read more

Best Epoxy Resin for Jewelry Making (Top 4 Picks)

Are you looking for the best epoxy resin to use in your jewelry-making projects? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll look at some of the top epoxy resins on the market today and discuss their features and benefits. With our help, you can find an epoxy resin that will perfectly suit your … Read more

Why is My Epoxy Drying Bumpy? (5 Reasons)

Do you ever find yourself working on a project with epoxy, only to have it dry in an uneven and bumpy texture? You’re probably asking yourself: “why is my epoxy drying bumpy”. If so, you’re not alone! Many DIYers encounter this problem when using epoxy. But don’t despair – there are solutions that can help … Read more

How to Polish Epoxy Resin Jewelry (Step by Step)

Epoxy Jewelry

Do you want to give your epoxy resin jewelry a new shine? Cleaning and polishing epoxy resin jewelry is easier than you may think. In this article, we’ll show you how to clean it step by step and explain all of the materials that you’ll need in depth. With the right knowledge, tools and techniques, … Read more

Best Deep Pour Resin Epoxy for River Table (Top 8 Options)

carpenter pouring epoxy liquid

Deep pour epoxy resins, also known as casting epoxy resins, are used for creating unique crafts, jewelry, and other novelty items from molds, as well as clear encasings over items and “suspending” items. Casting epoxy resin is distinctly different from coating resin which is used for enhancing objects made from materials such as wood, metal, … Read more

How to Pour Deep Epoxy (Step by Step)

pouring epoxy

How to Pour Deep Epoxy (Step by Step) Suppose you’re thinking about taking on a DIY crafting project with epoxy, like building a river table or encasing trinkets to make epoxies. In that case, you need to learn everything you can about pouring epoxy properly. Read on below and learn how to pour deep epoxy … Read more

How Much Does a Gallon of Epoxy Cover? (EXPLAINED)


The quick answer is – a single gallon of epoxy covers approximately 13 square feet at a pour thickness of ⅛ inch. This estimate includes up to 2 percent “extra” epoxy than is necessary to cover the suggested area because there tends to be a bit of runoff over surface edges. Another way to look … Read more

Should You Let Epoxy Sit Before Pouring? (EXPLAINED)

process making craft resin wood table

  The general rule of thumb for letting epoxy sit before pouring is that you should leave freshly poured epoxy to settle for approximately 3 hours in between each new pour. However, this rule may differ depending on the various types and brands you try using for epoxy pouring projects. Likewise, your intents and purposes … Read more

How Long for Deep Epoxy to Cure? (EXPLAINED)

yellow epoxy resin bucket

Deep epoxy resin typically takes around one week to properly cure after you pour it.  In most cases, the epoxy usually dries out almost completely within the first 12 hours to 24 hours after pouring.  Normally within the next 5 to 7 days the epoxy finishes curing. Afterward, the epoxy is fully hardened and “finished” … Read more

Do You Need Deep Pour Epoxy for a River Table? (EXPLAINED)

deep pour epoxy round table

River tables are beautifully crafted tables that, when finished, have tops that appear like a river flowing between two shores. The main components of river tables are two planks of live edge wood and epoxy with blue dye. But, do you need deep pour epoxy for a river table or can you use table top … Read more

How to Remove Bubbles From Epoxy Resin (EXPLAINED)

mixing epoxy

Wondering how to remove bubbles from epoxy resin? You’ve come to the right place. In this post we’ll explain how to get those bubbles out so you can continue with your project… Let’s begin…     How to Remove Bubbles From Epoxy Resin Preparing epoxy by following the manufacturer’s recommended mixing instructions is simple; read … Read more

Can You Use Deep Pour Epoxy for a Top Coat? (EXPLAINED)

yellow epoxy resin bucket

Deep pour epoxy may be used for a top coat application in a pinch, though it is not highly recommended. The truth is that deep pour epoxy, as a top coat, is not a great option because it’s specifically designed for thicker applications. Deep pour epoxy takes several days longer than table top epoxy, which … Read more

How Long for Deep Pour Epoxy to Cure (EXPLAINED)

panel door dirty by epoxy cleaning

In this article, we’ll explore how long it takes deep pour epoxy resin to cure – let’s begin! Deep pour epoxy resin typically takes around one week to properly cure after you pour it.  In most cases, the epoxy usually dries out almost completely within the first 12 hours to 24 hours after pouring.  Normally … Read more

Deep Pour vs Table Top Epoxy (EXPLAINED)

epoxy resin table

There are differences between deep pour epoxy resin and table top epoxy resin that anyone just getting started working with epoxy resin should be aware of. Before you can get started with your epoxy projects you need to know which type of epoxy resin is best for the sort of projects you wish to work … Read more

How Much Deep Pour Epoxy Do I Need? (EXPLAINED)

carpenter cleaning liquid cap epoxy resin

The amount of deep pour epoxy needed for your projects may be calculated by measuring the total length of the area you wish to pour, as well as the width of the pour.    Multiply the length of the pour by the width of the pour to find the total amount of deep pour epoxy … Read more

Can You Pour Epoxy 2 Inches Thick? (EXPLAINED)

Many epoxy resin products may be poured up to 2 inches thick with little to no issues, so long as you have a steady hand and have prepared the epoxy properly before pouring it, as well as allowing it enough time to cure properly. That said, some epoxy resin may only be poured up to … Read more

What is the Deepest Pour Epoxy Resin? (EXPLAINED)

2 inches epoxy river table

Most epoxy resin pour is layers of between ⅛ inch and 2 inches, in order to cure properly, but the deepest pour epoxy resins may be layered up to 4 inches deep. The truth is, with deep-pour epoxy resin, you can pour as deeply as the product will hold up to in combination with your … Read more

How Deep Can You Pour Table Top Epoxy? (EXPLAINED)

thick river table

If you’re thinking of building a river table, knowing how deep your tabletop epoxy can pour is crucial (especially if you want to use the least amount of pours possible). Here is what you need to know about how deep you can pour tabletop epoxy: Common tabletop epoxy pours are often limited to just ¼ … Read more

How to Attach 2 Pieces of Clay Together (EXPLAINED)

Potter putting Clay together

Joining two pieces of clay together is an essential skill for any potter or sculptor. It can be tricky to achieve a strong bond between the clay, but with some practice and patience, you can learn how to do it properly. In this article, we will explain how to attach two pieces of clay together … Read more

What Kind of Glue Can You Use on Ceramics? (EXPLAINED)

girl with broken ceramic bowl

Have you ever wanted to repair a broken piece of pottery, but weren’t sure what kind of glue to use? You’re not alone. Many people are perplexed by the question of what type of adhesive should be used on ceramics and other pottery items. Fortunately, there are several types of glue that will work well … Read more

Best Ceramic Kilns for Home Use — Reviews & Comparison

Today, we’re going to be talking about what ceramic kiln for home use I would suggest you buy as a beginner. Maybe you’re in the market for a brand new kiln, or maybe you don’t know anything about kilns and you just came here to see what things you might need to set up in … Read more

Can You Mix Acrylic Paint with Resin? (How to Color Resin)

painting using a popsicle stick to a canvas

Both acrylic paints and epoxy resins are wonderful mediums for creating stunning works of art. A question that many budding artists ask is can you use acrylic paints as resin tint. If you have asked the same thing then we are here to help. In this article, we will discuss using acrylics to tint epoxy … Read more

8 Best Puzzle Glues – How to Glue a Puzzle Together

8 Best Puzzle Glues - How to Glue a Puzzle Together

Want to glue a puzzle together but not sure how to or what puzzle glues are right for your purposes. You’re in the right place. In this article, we will explore the best glues to use when gluing a jigsaw puzzle together, how to do it properly, and answer a few frequently asked questions related … Read more

How to Seal Air Dry Clay (8 Easy Steps)

How to Seal Air Dry Clay

Air-dry clay is a wonderful medium to work with. It acts much like potters clay but doesn’t require firing to be hardened. The one major issue with air-dry is that it is very sensitive to moister even after it has hardened. If you want your work to have any permanents, you will need to seal … Read more

How to Glue Plastic to Wood

How to Glue Plastic to Wood

Wondering how to glue plastic to wood? You have come to the right place. Here, we will look at how to glue plastic to wood, the best glues to use, and answer some of the most commonly asked questions related to the subject. Let’s jump right in. How to Glue Plastic to Wood Gluing wood … Read more

Best Varnish for Air Dry Clay

Best Varnish for Air Dry Clay

Air-dry clay is wonderful to work with for novices and experts alike. Many of the techniques you can use with it easily transfer over to working with ceramics and pottery. This makes it an ideal introductory medium for people just starting to explore working with clay. It also makes air-dry clay an inexpensive way for … Read more

Best Clay for Kids

Best Clay for Kids

Modeling clay provides a wonderful path to sensory play for younger kids. It also helps them develop their fine motor skills and gain perspective on the world. For older children, it helps to spark their creativity and teaches patients, perseverance, and the joy of self-expression. Perhaps that is why so many of us never really outgrow … Read more

Best Clay for Pottery Wheels

Top 4 Best Clay for Pottery Wheels

When you’re thinking about getting into pottery, a healthy knowledge of clay and the different types out there can be incredibly beneficial to your project. The type of clay you buy and begin to work with will determine what your end project will look like. This article will go through the different things you should … Read more

Best Varnish for Polymer Clay

Best Varnish for Polymer Clay

Wondering what the best polymer clay sealers are? Well, we have done the research to save you the headache. In this article, we will look at what we consider to be the best polymer clay sealers on the market, why we feel the way we do, what you should look for and avoid in a … Read more

Best Clay for Handprints & Footprints

Best Clay for Handprints & Footprints

Are you wanting to preserve your little one’s hand and footprints as a keepsake? If you are then you are reading the right article. In this article, we will list our favorite clays for making handprint and footprint impressions in clay. We will also offer some tips on what to look for in clay, and … Read more

Best Sealants For Air Dry Clay

Air-dry clay is a lot of fun for everyone. It’s accessible, easy to use, and brimming with possibilities. Anything you can imagine, you can make with air dry clay. The only issue, though, is finding a way to keep your creations and make them last. When touched with water, you’ll find your air dry clay … Read more

Best Toaster Ovens For Polymer Clay

Best Toaster Ovens For Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is one of the most popular types of clay art forms. It’s accessible, simple to use, and a lot of fun! It comes in a wide range of attractive colours that appeals to both children and adults. Moulding your polymer clay is very easy and enjoyable, but baking it is where many problems … Read more

Best Paint for Clay Pots

6 Best Paints for Clay Pots

Whether you are crafting pottery or just want to dress up your terra cotta planters, the first question you need to ask is what is the best paint to use. We once wondered the same thing and did quite a bit of research on the subject. To save you the time and trouble that we … Read more

Best Clay For Handbuilding

Best Clay For Handbuilding

If you’re interested in pottery and you want to get started in the world of clay, but you can’t afford a throwing wheel, nor do you know where to get your hands on one, then hand-building is just for you. With hand-building, you don’t need much. If you’re a novice and you don’t want to … Read more

Best Pasta Machines for Polymer Clay

7 Best Pasta Machines for Polymer Clay

Are you new to crafting with polymer clay and want to start out doing it right, or are an experienced clay worker that is tired of sore arms from rolling with a pin. In either case, a pasta machine is an ideal addition to your clay arsenal. Got no time to read? Here are our … Read more

Best Polymer Clays for Earrings and Jewelry

5 Best Polymer Clays for Earrings and Jewelry

If you are a novice new to making jewelry from polymer clay or an experienced craftsman not completely satisfied with the results they are getting, this article is for you. One of the hottest crafting trends around right now is creating jewelry from polymer clay. It is fairly easy to learn but, with practice, can … Read more

How Much Does Play Doh Cost? (Full Breakdown)

How Much Does Play Doh Cost?

Play-Doh is great fun for people of all ages. Though you would want to supervise smaller children to avoid the risk of choking, even two-year-olds can begin to explore their creative side with Play-Doh. Besides Being a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills, Play-Doh is also a very cost-effective toy. It … Read more

How Many Play Doh Colors Are There (FULL LIST)

How Many Play Doh Colors Are There

Play-Doh, in its current form, has been with us since 1955. and it is estimated that over 3 billion cans have been sold worldwide. Needless to say, with that long a history and sales spanning almost every cultural barrier on the planet, Play-Doh has seen more than a few changes in its history. While a … Read more

How to Get Play Doh Slime Out of Clothes (6 Steps)

How to Get Play Doh Slime Out of Clothes

Slippery and squishy, Play-Doh slime can be great fun to play with. Unfortunately, when it is allowed to sit on fabrics, it can create a greasy mess. Even worse, it leaves crusty stains that are hard to get out. If you have faced this problem, rest easy. Here we will explain a simple process to … Read more

How to Keep Play Doh Fresh (4 Easy Tips)

Play-Doh is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s creative development. Besides, it is great fun for those of us young at heart. It is simple to work with, and ideal for helping little hands develop their dexterity and older hands maintain mobility. There is one issue. Play-Doh does harden over to … Read more

How to Rehydrate Play Doh (6 Easy Steps)

How to Rehydrate Play Doh

Play-Doh can be great fun for kids from 2 to 102. It is also an amazingly versatile media if you want something not too serious to play around with. If you have wondered how to rehydrate Play-Doh and make it useable again, you have found the right article to read. Here, we will look at two … Read more

How to Harden Play Doh (5 Easy Steps)

How to Harden Play Doh

Most of us grew up playing with Play-Doh and quickly realized it was never intended for permanent creations. In fact, when our Play-Doh began to dry out and harden it was not something to be happy about. As our talent increased though, we sometimes wanted to create things that were a little more permanent. When … Read more

How to Bake Air Dry Clay (7 Easy Steps)

How to Bake Airdry Clay

Air-dry clay behaves almost exactly like other pottery clay and is worked very similarly. This makes it ideal for experienced artisans to perfect their skills and novices to gain experience without the expense of firing works in a kiln.  Add in the fact that most are non-toxic and safe for kids to play with, and … Read more

How to Soften Play Doh Three Methods (4 Easy Steps)

child playing with clay

Believe it or not, Plah-Doh was initially used to clean coal soot off people’s wallpaper. People have been using Play-Doh since the 1930s when the formula was first developed, and it has been marketed as a children’s educational toy since the 1950s. Pretty much since its inception, people have been asking the same question; how … Read more

How To Paint Air Dry Clay (5 Easy Steps)

How To Paint Air Dry Clay

In this article, we’ll explain exactly how to prep and paint your clay creation. Although it’s the easiest type of clay to use, it does come with a lot of rules. If you want to know the best way to paint it so that your project turns out wonderfully on the first try, read on. … Read more

How To Color Air Dry Clay (4 Different Ways)

How To Color Air Dry Clay

Air-dry clay is a perfect step into the pottery medium for so many reasons. It’s easy to come across, affordable, simple to use, and it doesn’t require additional materials to harden it. If you want to add some colour to it and make your clay journey more exciting, then read on. 4 Tips Before You … Read more

10 Tips To Keep Air Dry Clay from Cracking

10 Tips To Keep Air-Dry Clay from Cracking

Air-Dry clay can be difficult to work with if you’re not used to it. One of the biggest issues that people face is that their air dry clay cracks on them. If you’re interested in learning how to prevent your air dry clay from cracking then you’re in the right place. Read on to find … Read more

How To Store Air Dry Clay After Opening (3 Key Tips)

How To Store Air Dry Clay After Opening

Experimenting with air-dry clay is great for people dipping their toes into pottery and clay making. It’s an affordable hobby that doesn’t take up too much energy or require much attention. The issue, though, is that the costs of using air-dry clay can add up. If it’s not stored correctly, it can dry up fast, … Read more

7 Ways to Make Air Dry Clay Dry Faster

7 Ways to Make Air Dry Clay Dry Faster

One of the cheapest options available, air-dry clay, can be used to create a wide variety of projects ranging from earrings to sculptures. It is non-toxic, making it safe for children to play with, and best of all, since it is air-dry, no kiln or oven is required. Most objects created from air-dry clay will … Read more

How to Use Air Dry Clay – 15 Tips You Must Know

How to Use Air Dry Clay

From experienced artists looking to improve their skills to novices looking for a way to express themselves, air-dry clay is growing in popularity. It is relatively easy to work with, doesn’t require an oven or kiln, and is very inexpensive. Like entering any new field, though, it never hurts to get a few tips from … Read more

How Long Does Air Dry Clay Take to Dry? (Fully Explained)

How Long Does Air Dry Clay Take to Dry

Air-dry clay is a wonderful way for beginners to gain experience with different sculpting techniques. At the same time, experienced artists can perfect their skills without the expense of firing their works. In this article, we will explore the factors that affect how long air-dry clay takes to harden, and answer a few of people’s … Read more

Best Clay to Make an Ashtray (Top 5 Options)

Best Clay to Make an Ashtray

Ashtrays are commonly a beginner’s first project working with clay. They are simple in design, but to get good results, basic techniques must be performed properly. If you are new to pottery or experienced and just want to brush up on your skills, an ashtray is a wonderful item to create. You may be wondering, … Read more

What Does Air Dry Clay Stick To? (Complete List)

What Does Air Dry Clay Stick To

Air-dry clay is very different from potter’s clay or polymer-based clays. Many people think of it as a beginner’s clay or something for kids to play with. In fact, many professional artists enjoy working with air-dry clays for their simplicity and a change of pace. Surprisingly, for such a common item, there isn’t as much … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Kiln? (FULLY EXPLAINED)

Have you ever wondered what it costs to operate a kiln? If you have, then keep reading. In this article, we will look at the operating cost of a kiln, the factors that impact how much kilns cost to run and how you can calculate the costs of each firing. Quick Answer – How Much … Read more

Best Clay for Stop Motion Animation

Best Clay for Stop Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation films with clay models started in 1908 and have been wowing audiences ever since. Even in this age of computer graphics, claymation, as it is often called, remains a well-respected art form. But, have you ever wondered what types of clay stop motion animators use on a daily basis. When the modelers who … Read more

11 Types of Kilns for Ceramics and Pottery (Fully Explained)

You can classify kilns for pottery and ceramics in many different ways. The two most common are their heat source and airflow design, but the atmosphere they create and other factors can also come into play. This article looks at the most common types of kilns you are likely to encounter, discusses their benefits and … Read more

12 Different Types of Kiln Shelves (Fully Explained)

Kiln shelves, sometimes called batts, refractory tiles, or plates, are basic kiln furniture that provides you with a flat surface to sit various projects that can be fired at one time. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. Generally, kiln shelves are classified either by the materials that they are made … Read more

Terracotta vs Ceramic Pots (Differences Fully Explained)

Terracotta vs Ceramic Pots

From a glance, it’s difficult to tell whether or not a pot is a terracotta or ceramic. But there are many important differences between the two, especially when it comes to plants. In some cases, even choosing the wrong type of pot can result in a dead plant. In this article, we’ll discuss both terracotta … Read more

7 Reasons Your Pottery is Pinging (Fully Explained)

7 Reasons My Pottery is Pinging

We’ve all heard the sound pottery makes when it hits the floor, but did you know pottery can “ping” as well? It’s true! In fact, pinging pottery is more common than you’d think, though it’s not necessarily a good thing. If you’re looking to learn more about pinging, also called “crazing,” you’ve come to the … Read more

Terracotta vs Clay Pots (Differences Fully Explained)

Terracotta vs Clay Pots

Differentiating between terracotta and clay for some people might seem like comparing apples to apples. However, there are key differences between these two types of materials, especially when it comes to flower pots. In this article, we’ll establish the main differences between terracotta and clay pots. Examples of applications will help you to know which … Read more

5 Reasons Why Clay Smells Bad (Clay Odor Explained)

5 Reasons Why Clay Smells Bad

The smell isn’t something you necessarily associate with clay since most of us think about working it with our hands. But did you know that clay does have a smell, and sometimes that smell can be pretty off-putting? So why does this smell happen? Why does clay smell bad? In this article, we’ll clarify why … Read more

11 Reasons Clay Cracks When Drying (And How to Fix It)

11 Reasons Clay Cracks When Drying

Spotting a crack on your pottery piece is never a fun find. You worked so hard on sculpting something and to find a crack feels like the whole thing could be headed for the trash. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the techniques … Read more

7 Things To Do When Clay is Too Wet

7 Things To Do When Clay is Too Wet

Working with clay that is too wet can really put a damper on things. In fact, wet clay can actually make it harder to model, throw, or work the clay in general. After all, wet clay is mushy and doesn’t set up well. Plus, it makes everything you’re working with a watery clay mess as … Read more

11 Reasons Why Kilns Are So Expensive

After researching the cost of kilns, you might be wondering why these machines are so expensive. After all, they seem like just a large oven to heat up your clay projects in order to bisque fire and glaze fire them. So how much does it cost to run a kiln and why are kilns so … Read more

Are Kilns Safe for Home Use? (32 Safety Tips You MUST Follow)

Are Kilns Safe for Home Use?

Traveling to a pottery studio and working on your clay pieces can be a lot of fun. But for some folks, having the ability to fire your own projects whenever you want is worth the effort. That’s why pottery kiln manufacturers sell kilns you can install in your home studio. If you’re considering purchasing a … Read more

Do You Need to Vent a Kiln? READ THIS FIRST

Do You Need to Vent a Kiln

Obtaining a pottery kiln can be a tough task, especially if you’re working off a budget. But are you aware of the safety factors involved in firing pottery? Specifically, does your kiln have a vent installed on it? Pottery vents are critical when it comes to firing a kiln within closed living spaces. Even if … Read more

Best Wax Resist for Pottery & Ceramics

Best Wax Resist for Pottery & Ceramics

Wax resists allow you to add intricacy to your pottery and ceramic projects. Choosing the best pottery-making wax resist is critical if you want to ensure your designs come out as planned. But how can you tell which wax resist will work best? To help you pick out the best wax resists for pottery and … Read more

8 Best Banding Wheels for Pottery & Ceramics

Best Banding Wheels for Pottery & Ceramics

Banding wheels are a great tool to use if you’re looking to sculpt your pottery piece from multiple angles. They’re great for decorating, sculpting, carving, and more. But choosing the best pottery banding wheel can seem like a daunting task. After all, you want to make a wise investment, especially if you’re passionate about pottery … Read more

Best Kiln for Jewelry Making

best kiln for jewelry making

Making your own jewelry can be an incredibly rewarding experience. But knowing which kiln to invest in can be a tricky decision, especially if you aren’t sure what to look for. After all, kilns can be a large investment.  If you’re looking for the best kiln for jewelry making, you’ve come to the right place. … Read more

5 Best Pottery Wheel Bats

Best Pottery Wheel Bats

Pottery wheel bats allow you to work efficiently on a pottery wheel. They’re a great tool to easily remove thrown projects from the wheel head without having to worry about damaging your work.  Choosing the right one for your particular pottery wheel can be a difficult decision, though, especially with so many choices out there. … Read more

9 Best Kilns for Fusing Glass 

Best Kilns for Fusing Glass

Working with glass can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You’re able to create a lot of different glass projects with various uses, made to your own design specifications.  Choosing the best kiln for fusing glass, however, can be a not-so-fun task to tackle.  That’s why we’ve written this guide. Within this article, you’ll learn more … Read more

Best Brushes for Glazing Pottery – Top 10 Options

Best Brushes For Glazing Pottery

Choosing the right glaze for your project can be a difficult decision already, but having the right brush to apply that glaze is a struggle on its own. If you’re looking for just the right brush to glaze your pottery pieces, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will introduce you to 10 of … Read more

Best Pottery Tools – 8 Must-Haves for Working with Clay!

Best Pottery Tools

Pottery can be a fun experience and hobby to take up. But if you’re serious about working with pottery, it’s imperative you have the right tools.  Choosing the best tools to invest in doesn’t have to be a guessing game. In this article, we’ll show you what you can expect from online pottery tool listings, … Read more

10 Best Aprons for Pottery & Ceramics 

Best Aprons For Pottery

Purchasing a pottery apron might not seem like the hardest thing to do when it comes to pottery. But when you’re sitting in the middle of a messy session and still need to keep your clothes clean, a good apron can be invaluable.  If you’re not sure which apron you should invest in, you’ve come … Read more

Best Miniature Pottery Wheel – Top 4 Options

Best Miniature Pottery Wheel

Throwing on a pottery wheel is an experience in itself. But what if you’re looking for a mini pottery wheel to perfect your skills at home? Search no more. In this article, we’ve put together a guide of the 4 best mini pottery wheels. These products are hand-selected to show you that even the tiniest … Read more

51 Amazing Things to Make Out of Clay (Fun Project Ideas)

Have you ever found yourself sitting in front of a table full of clay with no idea where to start or what to make? All your tools are laid out before you, but that inspiration you’re looking for just doesn’t seem to be anywhere. If you’ve found yourself stuck on what to create, we’ve put … Read more

Best Polymer Clay – Top 9 Options

Best Polymer Clay

If you’ve been bitten by the polymer clay bug and just aren’t sure where to start with your own projects, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll share with you 10 of the best polymer clays to choose from. We’ll also guide you in how to choose the best one for your … Read more

Best Paint for Polymer Clay – Top 9 Options

Best Paint for Polymer Clay

Working with polymer clay can open a whole new world of possibilities. When it comes time to finish your project, though, choosing the right paint can be tricky. Will you choose acrylic paint? Are you going to apply the pain on unbaked clay or baked clay? The clay and paint varieties are endless it seems. … Read more

Best Glue for Polymer Clay – Top 10 Options

Did you break a piece of your polymer clay project off? Or are you simply looking for a solution to join polymer clay to something else, including itself? Either way, we’ve got the solution for you. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best glue for polymer clay, touching on the different types of … Read more

8 Best Pottery Kilns for Beginners (Ceramic and Glass)

Best Pottery Kilns for Beginners

Owning a personal kiln can take the hassle out of having to find a place to fire your clay projects. At the same time, purchasing a kiln takes an investment of money and that alone can complicate the process. After all, you want to be sure you’re getting the best kiln possible for your money. … Read more

Best Kilns for Metal Clay – Top 3 PMC Kilns

best kiln for precious metal clay

If you’re looking to find a kiln that will fire your precious metal clay (PMC) projects, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a guide on the best kilns for metal clay, complete with everything you need to know to make an informed purchase. By the time you’re finished with this article, you’ll … Read more

Best Clay for Sculpting: Complete Buyer’s Guide

best clay for sculpting

Would you like to make amazing clay sculptures? If the answer is yes, then you need a few things. Many if not all of you believe that skills and knowledge are the only things needed. This isn’t completely true. I have been making pottery and sculptures my entire life and I believe that there are … Read more

Kiln wash recipe: All the alternatives you can use these days

Kiln Wash Recipe

Many potters don’t know that a kiln wash recipe can make a massive difference and is something mandatory to use if you want high-quality results. In general, this is a mixture that is applied to the kiln inside and the shelves to prevent flaking or other, similar issues. Flakes can ruin your pottery, so keep … Read more

Stages of Clay — A Beginner’s Guide to Pottery

Stages Of Clay

Understanding the different stages of clay is essential as you begin to craft your first pots, plates, bowls, and other vessels. The stages of clay are what take your work of art from point A to point B. In this beginner’s guide to pottery, we take a walk through each step in the process. From … Read more